Nancy Buchanan


Nancy’s Transformation

I believe my interest in healthy eating started after reading Diet for a New America by John Robbins (1987 Stillpoint Publishing) .  I became a vegetarian and started building an awareness of food, where it came from and how it was processed.

My vegetarian journey was not always easy as I was a picky eater who didn’t particularly like vegetables. Looking back I now see that I ate very poorly. Although I wasn’t eating well I did try to educate myself about food and I discovered I had a profound and genuine interest in nutrition. I had an insatiable appetite for any information related to nutrition; books, magazines, TV shows, documentaries. However, my new found knowledge didn’t help me change my eating habits. In fact, it may have had the opposite effect. I often say, “I educated myself into paralysis”. For every piece of nutritional advice I read, I found there was another piece of information that gave the opposite advice. I was so confused. So I struggled along for years eating what I considered was a healthy diet.

A few years ago, after much personal deliberation, I decided to make a change and pursue my passion for nutrition. I packed up my personal belongings, ended my consulting business, and moved from Ontario to B.C. I went back to school and studied Holistic Nutrition. I had many enlightening moments during my studies, including the realization that nourishment is about more than just food. It‟s about being aware of the components of food and how your body utilizes them. It is also about nourishing your mind and your soul.

I now feel I am truly eating a well balanced and nutritious diet. Not only do I eat well, I now understand that my health is both negatively and positively affected by what I think and by how I live my life. I need to exercise, create peace, eat nourishing whole foods and have a holistic approach to my wellbeing.

So my arriving at a place where I eat well and have a career I am passionate about was a long, slow journey of transformation that took place one step at a time.

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