Q Energy Drink

Q Energy

The Healthy Energy Drink

Good and good for you.  Proudly made in Vancouver, BC

Q Energy Drink is a low caffeine, low calorie performance drink that contains Quercetin and is made from all natural ingredients.  Q Energy does not have any hidden stimulants or additives; no synthetic chemicals, no artificial colours or flavours and not even any chemicals to help it dissolve.

Add 1 pack of the Q Energy powder mix to your water bottle  and shake vigorously to get it to mix. A little extra effort here goes a long way for your health.

Taken during and after athletic activity, Q Energy Drink contains the appropriate amount of electrolytes to assist performance by replenishing depleted salts.  In addition to helping you rehydrate, the anti-inflammatory properties of Quercetin help the body recover.

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Q Energy

Q Energy offers a 15% discount for the entire holihealth community (including you) at their webstore. Just enter coupon code “holihealth” at the end of the checkout process to get the discount.

On top of the discount for our clients, Q Energy Drink will generously contribute $1.00 from every web sale that uses the holihealth code to charities chosen by the holihealth team. For 2013 these funds will be donated to the MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society of Canada and the SPCA.


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