Group Wellness

Book clubs, sports teams, a group of neighbours, etc.

At holihealth we create fun, interactive, informative workshops tailored to your group’s needs and culture.

Workshops can range from the basics of healthy meals (including recipes), pre and post workout nourishment and why our bodies need to move to graceful aging, nourishment for the brain, label reading 101 (what to look for) and reducing toxic load.

Our team of holistic nutritionists use life and career experience as well as personal and family health journeys to create workshops about food and nutrition and how it affects the body. Our approach is hands on, personalized and allows you to benefit from having a delivery method which is not overwhelming and most important, doable. Our unique set of skills gives us an understanding of the difficulty of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We work with a variety of community groups from sports teams, to seniors groups and youth.

Some groups we have worked with are Hollyburn Country Club 2012 Complete Women’s Fitness Workshop, the Aries Program of the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA), the Full Blossom Network, the North Vancouver Dental Hygienist Study Group and many friends and neighbours.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can customize a workshop or series for your team, friends and/or neighbours.

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