Food Journals

At holihealth we connect what you eat with how you feel.

The best way to do this is by keeping a food journal.

Studies have shown that maintaining a food journal increases awareness of what is being eaten as well as how much.

In addition, being able to look back at what you are consuming and when, enables you to connect how food makes you feel physically and emotionally.

If nothing else, you will begin to practice Mindful Eating, increase awareness and an appreciation for food, nourishment and quality of ingredients.

We offer weekly food journal feedback by email, phone or skype for $125 + GST  per month

When completing a food journal, it is important to indicate the time of meals and snacks, include supplements, indicate the source of the food (ie. home cooked, restaurant, fast food, packaged,etc), indicate portions as well as drinks.

Water, including herbal teas, non-caffeine, non-sugar drinks can be indicated by checking the boxes at the top of the weekly version.

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Please contact us to discuss further or for a Word version of the forms.

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