Own Your Health = keep a food journal

The better quality of foods you consume, the better your quality of life

If you feel what you’re eating may be effecting your energy, weight, mood or performance then do something about it and start keeping a food journal.

Nutrition information is reported as it affects the general population.

But what does that mean to you?

A food journal is the number one tool to connect what you eat with how you feel as well as identify food sensitivities.

And yes, we realize this is an additional task on the "to do" list but it well worth the time and you will get results.

We recommend that you document:

  • what you eat - is it home cooked, restaurant, ect.
  • time of day or night
  • how much
  • what you drink
  • how you feel
  • did you move your body - how, to what intensity and for how long
  • did you get outside that day

If weight loss is your goal, there was a study done in the US in 2008 which followed just under 1700 men and women who were all over 200 pounds to begin with.  After 20 weeks, the average weight loss was 13 pounds.

Those who did not keep a food journal lost an average of 9 pounds while those who did keep a food journal lost 18 pounds.  Twice as much!

If nothing else, you will begin to practice Mindful Eating, increase awareness and an appreciation for food, nourishment and quality of ingredients.

Weekly food journal review and maintenance plan following completion of a holihealth program $125 + GST / month Review of 7 day food journal plus personalized menu plan $99 + GST (email and/or phone)

To access our forms please click on the links below:

Food Journal - Weekly Download Weekly (PDF)

Food Journal - Daily Download Daily (PDF)

Please contact us to discuss further or for a Word version of the forms.

Start with a small step

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