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Small Steps Caesar Salad Dressing

In 2009 when I went back to school to become a holistic nutritionist, my family had to endure numerous changes.  They found new food in the pantry, in their lunch bags and on the dinner table.  I always thought I was feeding my family “good” food, but I found the more I learned at school, the more adjustments I needed to make to our ‘standby’ meals.

Some adjustments were successful, but some were definite failures.  I learned the hard way, “healthy” Mac and Cheese does not constitute comfort food on a dark, rainy, November evening.

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11 Ways to Save Money on Your Food Bill

Many of you may have seen the news report this morning about an RBC study which found that “… 91% of respondents to the survey said they have taken notice of rising food prices and are being more budget oriented as a result”.  The complete article is available at

The report also said that “Currently, the average Canadian family spends $411 a month on groceries. Ontario holds the lowest average spending at $379 per month, while Quebec spends the highest amount in Canada, an average of $448 per month.”

I am in a household of 6 and I can tell you, our food bill is far more than $448 per month.  Granted the average family is fewer than 6 people, but here are some of the strategies we use that really do make a big difference to our food bill:

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Nutrition for the Sun Run and Beyond

At holihealth we volunteer as Sun Run leaders and are often asked “what do I eat before and after a workout” and “what about race day”?  These are great questions but what about what you eat EVERYDAY for maximum energy, enhanced performance and most importantly, for overall health.

Over 50,000 people participate in the 10 Km Vancouver Sun Run each year.  For many, participating may be an opportunity to meet people in their community or a chance to get back in shape after the holiday season.  This annual event also gets people outside, moving and participating in other fundraising events that take place in the warmer months. This social, community involvement combined with good nutrition are key to a healthy balanced life.

So whether you’re part of the Sun Run, a frequent exerciser or just starting to think about getting active here are a few basic steps you can follow every day to maximize your energy and FEEL GREAT.

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How to Make a New Year’s Resolution Stick

Over 50% of Canadians will make a New Years Resolution in the next few weeks and most will have to do with health, wellness, life balance and financial responsibility. However by February the majority will have been given up on, forgotten or attempted merely on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays.

At holihealth we turn New Years Resolutions into the “new normal” and create a lifestyle with just a few small steps. We do this by adding to our lives.

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Great Christmas Office Party Idea

Last weekend my sister hosted her annual Christmas party for her managers.   It was an evening party with great food, beautiful decorations, a festive atmosphere and lovely people.  So what made this party so unique?  The gifts.  Yes the gifts!!  Now, you may be thinking that Christmas shouldn’t be about the gifts, and I would have to agree – except when it comes to giving gifts to children.  All children deserve to be delighted by a gift at Christmas.

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