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Do you have Questions about how to Eat Healthy?

At holihealth, the people we meet have many questions with regards to how the eat healthy and feed their family nourishing foods at a reasonable price.

We get questions like:

Is it better to buy organic apples that have been shipped from the other side of the world (often New Zealand) or buy local non-organic fruit?


Is “orange” cheese REALLY that bad for my kids?

Quick answers:

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How to be a Healthy Vegetarian (Why I am a Vegetarian Part II)

Last week my blog focused on why I became a vegetarian and this week I want to focus on how to be a healthy vegetarian.

For me giving up meat was actually quite easy.  After reading Diet for A New America by John Robbins and learning about the treatment of animals intended for human consumption, I stopped eating meat fairly quickly.  Now, just because I stopped eating meat it didn’t mean that I was going to be any healthier.  There are many studies and it is broadly accepted in the medical and alternative health communities that, key point – done properly, a vegetarian diet is very healthy and in fact, beneficial for the environment, animal welfare, disease prevention and longevity.

So if simply cutting out meat doesn’t make you healthier, what does?

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Kevin Mark Trudeau

I read this quote the other day and I thought how true!  At holihealth we hear this all the time from people, especially from our clients who have changed to a healthier way of eating.  Many people start to think feeling unwell is just part of aging and they might as well learn to accept it.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Nutrition for the Sun Run and Beyond

At holihealth we volunteer as Sun Run leaders and are often asked “what do I eat before and after a workout” and “what about race day”?  These are great questions but what about what you eat EVERYDAY for maximum energy, enhanced performance and most importantly, for overall health.

Over 50,000 people participate in the 10 Km Vancouver Sun Run each year.  For many, participating may be an opportunity to meet people in their community or a chance to get back in shape after the holiday season.  This annual event also gets people outside, moving and participating in other fundraising events that take place in the warmer months. This social, community involvement combined with good nutrition are key to a healthy balanced life.

So whether you’re part of the Sun Run, a frequent exerciser or just starting to think about getting active here are a few basic steps you can follow every day to maximize your energy and FEEL GREAT.

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Take Control of Your Health

Take Control of Your Health

Lifestyle diseases such as Type II diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, and some cancers are on the rise at staggering rates.

At the same time a growing number of people are without family doctors and our health care system is seriously overburdened. What does this mean to you?  It means you have to look after your own health.  This is not meant to scare you, it is meant to empower you.

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