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Time for Change

I noticed just this morning that the leaves on the trees on my back yard have started to turn bright colours and are dropping to the ground.  A sure sign that autumn is coming, there is a change in the weather, in nature and coincidently in my life.

Co-creating and developing holihealth Nutrition and Lifestyle Trainers has been a joy and a gift over the past three years but life is calling me in a different direction and I will be leaving the holihealth team.

Nancy is excited for the opportunity to continue to offer all the great holihealth products and services as well as some wonderful new ways to help people get started on their health journey with clarity, ease and support.

I will be continuing on in the holistic nutrition field and spending more time in the kitchen creating dishes that are good for you and taste great.

Thank you for your amazing support and I wish you all a lifetime of FEELING GREAT!



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More Inspired Than Ever

Can you think of anyone who has not been intimately affected by cancer? We can’t.

But, the good news is we can think of a number of people who are surviving cancer and thriving due to the advancement of treatments, early dectection, better nutrition, as well as incredible care and support. More and more cancer treatment centres are including a holistic approach of treating the patient as a whole person instead of just treating the disease.

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Ride2Survive simulates a day of battling cancer

This is my sister, Cathy with her three children. She inspires me for many reasons but most recently because of her amazing grace and strength.

In the past I have written about utilizing a fund raising opportunity as a launch pad to achieve a personal fitness goal, support a greater purpose and heal your heart.

Cathy epitomized this message when she married her love for riding with her need to be part of the solution and joined the 2011 Ride2Survive. A one day bike ride from Kelowna to Delta, 400 kms, 13,000 feet of climbing, 19 hours. Some may call this extreme or even crazy but the route and terrain are a purposeful metaphor of what it is like to battle cancer for a day.

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Pick a Purpose Close to Your Heart and Get Fit

Find a cause that is close to your heart and it will motivate you to get out, get moving and set personal goals that not only support your community, they set you on a path towards better health and wellness and a more balanced you. Or sign up to be one of the many volunteers it takes to make these events happen. I guarantee you will make great friends along the way and you will support a family in need, build a hospital, find homes for neglected animals or fund cancer research.

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