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Do you have Questions about how to Eat Healthy?

At holihealth, the people we meet have many questions with regards to how the eat healthy and feed their family nourishing foods at a reasonable price.

We get questions like:

Is it better to buy organic apples that have been shipped from the other side of the world (often New Zealand) or buy local non-organic fruit?


Is “orange” cheese REALLY that bad for my kids?

Quick answers:

Apples are amongst the most heavily sprayed fruits with a delicate flesh so when looking at toxic load and exposure to pesticides, organic is better (see Environmental Working Group for a complete list of fruits and vegetables as well as other personal care products). And yes, it is true that fruit picked early and ripened during transport may not contain the same antioxidant levels as fresh picked, but they are still excellent sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals as well as complex carbohydrates.


YES !  Orange cheese is that bad for you and your kids.  Food dyes have been linked to behaviour issues in children including ADD and ADHD as well as headaches.  Here is a list of common food additives to avoid Top 10 Food Additives

We want to hear more from you.

We want to hear your questions, your concerns and your struggles.

We want to hear about your health journey so far.

We have put together a short survey and ask that you please take 2 minutes (literally) to complete the questions so we can better serve you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Click below to complete the survey

Want to Eat Healthier Survey

At holihealth we specialize in holistic wellness.  We offer interactive and informative presentations and workshops, as well as, group or individual nutrition and lifestyle consulting.  Please visit to learn more or contact us at

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