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Kevin Mark Trudeau

I read this quote the other day and I thought how true!  At holihealth we hear this all the time from people, especially from our clients who have changed to a healthier way of eating.  Many people start to think feeling unwell is just part of aging and they might as well learn to accept it.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As Holistic Nutritionists the hallmark of what we do is help people connect how they feel to what they eat, something people seldom do.  Food is powerful and its power can work for you or against you.  Eating processed and refined foods that are low in nutrients, lack healthy fats and contain little to no fibre causes inflammation (as well as creates a nutrient debt).  Inflammation  can leave you feeling tired, achy, bloated, nauseous and miserable. The list of symptoms is endless. On the other hand, when you eat REAL (unprocessed) food and whole foods that are nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory these symptoms can be significantly reduced and will likely disappear.  You will start to ‘feel as great as your body is designed to feel’. Not only will you FEEL GREAT when you eat a diet of nutrient rich foods, you will likely lose weight and reduce your chances of chronic disease.

You can connect what you eat with how you feel by keeping a food and mood journal.  This  will help you become aware of how food is affecting you personally.  Food affects each of us differently and being aware of your individual reactions is one of the keys to making good food choices.  Use our food journal template or find a template on line or in your smart phone apps.  Just start!  In just 7 short days of journaling you’ll be enlightened and possibly surprised by what you’ll learn about your eating habits and how your food is connected to your symptoms. And when you use this information to start to reduce the foods that make you feel ill you may also discover ‘how good your body was designed to feel’.

Contact holihealth if you need help connecting your food choices to how you’re feeling.

For more information about other healthy lifestyle choices read our previous blog  Take Control of Your Health  and see our list of Inflammatory Foods  for a comprehensive list.

At holihealth we offer interactive and informative presentations and workshops, as well as, group or individual nutrition and lifestyle consulting.  Please visit to learn more or contact us at


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