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My go to meal – Plan B made with Love (Tomato Soup)

Have you ever tasted food made with love?

It’s like a good nights sleep, you know it when you’ve had it.

Dad’s barbequed salmon he caught himself, Auntie Mary’s spaghetti with meatballs, or Gramma’s tomatoes fresh from her garden picked on a hot summer afternoon.

Remember the taste of the warm flavours and the richness on your palate as you savour the chef’s joy of sharing and nourishing those they love.

I know my family can taste the difference between a meal I prepare with passion and energy versus a meal I throw together because I have to.

Don’t worry, I am not saying make a big meal from scratch every day and yes, I am suggesting you choose alternatives periodically, especially when you are feeling uninspired or spent.  Some strategies for a quick meal might be: locating a good quality, healthy take-out restaurant close to home; share the responsibility with others in your house or, get the kids involved by soliciting meal suggestions and getting them to help with the preparation and when all the best laid plans go right out the window, ALWAYS have a back-up meal or what I like to call my ‘Plan B’ in the pantry.

A Plan B meal should be comforting, nourishing and therapeutic, whether it’s you alone that needs some love, the schedule is too full to shop or someone just needs some TLC (tender loving care) and a warm meal.  But, most important, Plan B should be easy to keep in stock and easy to throw together.    Even though you only spent a few minutes opening cans and adding spices, everyone who gets a taste, will savour the flavour and feel the love

My Plan B is Creamy Tomato Soup.  Most of the ingredients can be kept on hand in cans and the fresh items are common to most people’s fridge (onions, garlic and celery). I love this recipe because it is vegetable based, non-dairy (so anyone can enjoy it), it is full of nutrients and the creamy texture ensures the feeling of comfort.

Always remember recipes are just a set of guidelines, simply a ‘place to start’.  Be inspired by those you are cooking for and cook from the heart, even if you’re cooking for you alone.

Please share with us your Plan B or suggestions and secrets for staying inspired (and sane) when cooking weekday meals.

Tomato Soup with Coconut Milk

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