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Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself with Pad Thai

I love to cook, shop for food, find new ingredients, chop, sauté, watch and taste as colours and flavours melt together to create something wonderful and soothing.

I must confess, however, that I find it impossible to follow a recipe. In my world, a recipe is a guideline where the ingredients and amounts are meant to be altered.  My alterations can depend on anything from my mood, to my taste buds, to the weather outside, to what I have or don’t have on hand and or I may just have to add a new item I found at the market that day.

The success of my creations varies and depends on the palate of my family.  My dish may get a rating from merely “interesting” all the way to “that was great, any chance you can make it again?” They know me well, as chances are, it will never be the same again, because I didn’t write down the combination and portions of ingredients and rarely will the stars align in the same manner.

But today you are in luck!   I created and, more importantly, documented, a combination of ingredients and flavours that turned out to be an amazing Pad Thai. Pad Thai, is one of my favourite dishes all year round, because it can be made with whatever vegetables are in season and you can add a little exotic warmth and sunshine to damp, grey winter days with some extra spice and tamarind.  It can also be a light, one-dish dinner in the summer that can be made ahead and enjoyed outside in the cool evening breeze.  As an additional bonus it makes for great leftovers for lunch the next day. For all these reasons, and because I love Thai food in general, I was not willing to compromise on flavour and satiety.  I created a healthy meal that tastes great and nourishes the body and the soul.

I used 3 recipes* to create a meat ‘optional’, noodle free and amazingly tasty Pad Thai.

I hope you like it, take liberties with this recipe and have fun creating your own version. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.  Enjoy.

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