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Great Christmas Office Party Idea

Last weekend my sister hosted her annual Christmas party for her managers.   It was an evening party with great food, beautiful decorations, a festive atmosphere and lovely people.  So what made this party so unique?  The gifts.  Yes the gifts!!  Now, you may be thinking that Christmas shouldn’t be about the gifts, and I would have to agree – except when it comes to giving gifts to children.  All children deserve to be delighted by a gift at Christmas.

Speaking of children’s gifts brings me to the part where my sister’s party takes a lovely twist on gift giving.  Each invited party guest and the host draws the name of another guest /co-worker and then go buy (anonymously) a gift for that person.  Pretty easy so far except for one, small, “child-like” detail.  Each buyer must select a gift they think the other person would love to have had when they were a child!

It is even more fun when sometimes the person doesn’t always know the person they’ve drawn!  This type of challenge requires extra initiative. It’s a time to be creative, snoop around, do some research to identify something about their personality and even get to know them a little.  If you are pressed for time you can, at the very least, consider the department where the person works.  For example, a toy cash register or abacus for the accountant, a solar powered toy car for the environmental engineer, Crayolas for the marketing folks, a toy laptop for the I.T. person, etc.  Maybe there is some stereotyping going on here, but it will all be for a fantastic cause.  After the person has opened their gift and read their poem (I’ll get to that part) they give the gift back and all are collected and given to a local children’s charity.  What could be better than that? 

Many of you may already be doing something like this and that’s wonderful.  In fact, my younger sister’s company did something like this many years ago and she continues to spread the word.  Another twist on the theme is to write a poem as to why they’ve selected that gift.  Before each person opens their gift they must read the poem that was written about them.  My sister did this at her party and there were many laughs and new appreciation for the creativity and humour of their fellow co-workers.

I was fortunate enough to attend this party last weekend and I was inspired by the great gifts and generosity of everyone there.  I’ve attached a picture of the gifts to give you some thought starters should you decide to spread a little Christmas Cheer at your party and delight some young hearts.  It is so wonderful to see a big pile of gifts all destined to go to children in need for Christmas!


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