holihealth Nutrition & Lifestyle trainers making you feel and look great

as Registered Holistic Nutritionists we connect what you eat with how you feel

we take the confusion out of how to eat for life, nourish your body and have the energy to enjoy it

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Our team of holistic nutritionists work with employees to educate and empower them to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. We take the confusion out of eating right and show how this can reduce stress, improve performance and fit into a busy life.
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We create fun, interactive, informative workshops tailored to your group's food and nutrition needs and culture. With a team approach to wellness, we engage participants to support each other in learning to eat to perform and feel better.
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Personal nutritional counseling incorporates body, mind and spirit. It can identify food sensitivities, improve digestion to maximize nutrient absorption and can slow (and sometimes reverse) the affects of Lifestyle Diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure).
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